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Real & Fake Carbon Comparison

Hi All,

One of our customer purchased our real carbon C7 Exhaust Diffuser and we just receive the core return from him.

We are very surprised to see in person how the fake carbon sticker material looks like. If you stand at distance it does look like carbon but then when you look closely you will start to see the result.

There is a layer of clear vinyl film over the fake carbon and the bottom is self sticking just like wall paper. Then they just lay over the exhaust diffuser like you install the wall paper.

The clear vinyl is peeling and also the adhesion is not strong enough so it start to peel too. If it’s concave shape then you have cut it and joint it together like you are installing wall paper. To certain point our customer can’t bear with it any more so he comes to us to purchase our real carbon parts.

Some customers compare our real carbon lamination with such carbon sticker wall paper. It’s DAY & NIGHT!!!!

Periodically we hear some customers saying how cheap they purchase their carbon parts. This is a good example of old saying “You Get What You Pay For”.

So, if you are on the market for the carbon parts, be aware what you are getting. This is a good knowledge for you to know.

Here are the pictures.

C6 Black CF-whloe dash w-competitors products-800 Driver Side Door Comparison Center Console Comparison Passenger Side Door Comparison Driver Swich Bezel C6 Passenger Air Vent