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C7 Carbon Floor Console (Shifter Bezel) – Non-Installed in Matte Finish

C7 Carbon Application List


What’s the difference between Apsis’ kit vs other vendor’s kit?

1. We are the only vendor capable of delivering the kit with silver trim. It will provide MORE FACTORY LOOK. Just like you get the kit from factory and you can still keep other silver trim parts in your car to compliment together.

2. If you go without silver trim, then we make the silver trim section as a separate pc so there is a crease between the silver trim section & main body. Other vendors just laminate the carbon direct over the silver trim so there is no “crease” like factory have. So OUR KIT LOOKS MORE FACTORY. It takes much more labor to make it with such “crease”. We intend to go for extra mile and provide the C7 community better products.

3. Our kit matches to factory carbon perfectly. We are the FIRST vendor making the matching carbon and many customers have confirmed on forum that our matching is perfect.

4. We also have some customers that purchased from other vendors before and experiencing the carbon is delaminated so they come to us to purchase our kit again. If you like to hear from the customer, they say you can contact them direct. We can provide you customer’s email.


With Silver Trim Crease to Separate from main Body to Look More Factory


With Opposite Weaving Direction (Matching to Factory Weaving)

C7 Floor Console w-reverse stitching-matte-6 close shotC7 Floor Console w-reverse stitching-matte-2C7 Floor Console w-reverse stitching-matte-3C7 Floor Console w-reverse stitching-matte-4C7 Floor Console w-reverse stitching-matte-7C7 Floor Console w-reverse stitching-matte-1

C7 Floor Console+Waterfall-matte w-opposite weaving-1C7 Floor Console+Waterfall-matte w-opposite weaving-2C7 Floor Console+Waterfall-matte w-opposite weaving-3C7 Floor Console+Waterfall-matte w-opposite weaving-4

With Stock Chrome Trim

C7 Floor Console w-chrome trim-matt-individual-1C7 Floor Console w-chrome trim-matt-individual-3C7 Floor Console w-chrome trim-matt-individual-4C7 Floor Console w-chrome trim-matt-individual-5C7 Floor Console w-chrome trim-matt-individual-6

Without Stock Chrome Trim (Laminate The Whole Piece)

C7 Floor Console-laminate whole pc-matt finish-individual-1C7 Floor Console-laminate whole pc-matt finish-individual-2C7 Floor Console-laminate whole pc-matt finish-individual-3C7 Floor Console-laminate whole pc-matt finish-individual-4C7 Floor Console-laminate whole pc-matt finish-individual-5